Thermal materials reduce heating costs

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Highly recommended

Thermal materials reduce heating costs
Energy costs make up a large part of every household budget, with heating expenses at their highest in autumn and winter. With ADO thermal materials, heat loss and heating costs can be curbed with both ease and decorative finesse. They provide effective protection against the cold and draughts at windows, doors and in rooms. They are also ideal for creating a peaceful ambience because the textiles used to generate warmth are also good for room acoustics; they are proven to dampen sound, ensuring a pleasantly reduced noise level. ADO is therefore delighted to add two new fabrics with these special qualities, to its range, across a total of six patterns in 143 colours.



COSY 1079 is a credit to its name because this floor-to-ceiling decorative  fabric immediately spreads happiness throughout the home with pleasant  colours and a velvety feel.  Different colours in the warp and weft add a touch of sophistication to the semi  single-colour fabric, with the subtlest of matt-gloss and colour changes. The wide variety of 18 colours offers a great range, from nuances of gentle ivory, sand and greys to warm terracotta and reds, as well as modern yellows, greens and blues. Measuring 280 cm in width, COSY offers thermal insulation for a variety of styles.

COCOON 1098 is the name of the second energy-efficient newcomer. Owing to its crash effect, the versatile chenille quality gets an entirely new and casual makeover, paving the way for use in traditional as well as young and modern interiors. There, the velour unveils its decorative as well as warming features. It is velvety to the touch and has a soft drape, is available in ten versatile colours and has a fabric width of 260 cm.  


Whether as a drapery, room divider or to stop draughts at doors – both  qualities are effective in keeping rooms warm with their special fibre structure and thread density, doing away with the need for major renovation. A textile energy-saving programme that we warmly recommend.


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