Turkish Towels (Peshtemal)


Amazing Textile “Peshtemals”


What is Peshtemal?


Peshtemal is an amazing flat-woven, eco-friendly cotton fabric that has traditionally been used as a towel in Turkish hammams (bath houses). The contemporary multi-purpose peshtemal towels that we use today have evolved from this historical hammam tradition. They are super absorbent and quick drying which, together with their very distinctive striped pattern and hand-finished tassel fringes, makes these truly great bath and beach towels.


The Turkish peshtemal fabric has been woven on traditional hand-looms by local villagers for generations, in a process that uses less water than other textiles. In the south-west of Turkey, this humble family tradition is still very resonant in the life-style of many villagers. The Peshtemal towels are manufactured with either 100% pure cotton or cotton and bamboo blends. The blended fabrics are very sought-after, bamboo being a natural fibre, well-known for its high absorbency and softness.


The size of the peshtemal towels may vary slightly as they are hand-loomed. However, in general, they are 90×180 cm and once folded they are very compact to pack and carry. They are lightweight, fluff-free and much easier to wash and dry than ordinary towels they are also very durable and can be frequently washed. Their average weight is 300 grams, which is an extra bonus for travelling, camping and other outdoor activities.


A remarkable increase in demand for peshtemal towels in the last few years has encouraged production of these fabrics in a broader range of designs and colours with much improved quality without loss of authenticity. I do hope you enjoy these lovely, handy peshtemals as much as I do and share my passion for them…


Last but not least, Turkish peshtemal towels are very versatile, long-lasting and colour-fast. The towel’s compactness and practicality allows it to be used and enjoyed for very many occasions at the beach, in the gym, at home or on your travels. Other than as a towel, it can be used as a picnic rug, children’s blanket, tablecloth, shawl or beach sarong.