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Based in Central, Hong Kong, Fabrics etc offers a custom-made sofa service, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique and personalized sofa. We offer a range of fabric, size and style options for you to choose from. Using high-quality materials and employing skilled craftsmen to ensure highest quality and durability, we offer a range of upholstery services including sofa design and manufacture, re-upholstery, tailor-made sofa covers and re-covering for your existing sofa or armchair.  We also have D.I.Y. easy-fit sofa cover available.

With our commitment to quality, Fabrics etc is a great choice for creating a one-of-a-kind sofa that perfectly suits your needs and style.

Here are some of the many sofa styles we custom make. If you have another sofa or armchair style in mind, just come in and talk to Andy.  

Here we would like to share some ideas on Sofa Upholstery:


The Upholstery Guide

from House and Garden



Whether you are looking to re-upholster your favourite armchair or sofa or have had your head turned by a new headboard - just a few metres of fabric can totally transform a piece of furniture from frumpy to feisty, from clapped-out to worthy of applause. We've picked our top crop of upholstery ideas for every room in your house, from living rooms to bedrooms...



Best sofas


Looking for the best sofas? Gone are the days when a lacklustre three-piece suite set you up for life. Now sofas come in all colours, shapes and sizes and can reflect personal taste as much as anything else in the room. Leather sofas, fabric sofas, chaise longues, sofa beds, sofas for small spaces... whether you want a low-key aesthetic or a statement piece, you'll find it all here with our pick of the best in quality, comfort and design.




Small-Space Sofas

from Better Homes and Gardens



Think you can't fit a couch in your tiny living room? Think again. Simplify your shopping with our guide to buying the perfect sofa for a small space.


When space is limited, it can feel like your choices for a sofa are, too. While that might have been a reality in the past, it's no longer the case. As urban living increases in popularity, manufacturers are upping the options for scaled-down furnishings: There is a compact sofa to perfectly fit any small living room, den, bedroom, or guest room.

"Apartment sofas" are scaled to fit smaller spaces. A full-size couch is wider than 78 inches and usually includes three full cushions, but an apartment sofa measures in at less than 77 inches wide (some as small as 66 inches) and no more than 40 inches deep, and usually has just two cushions and smaller arms. Also popular among apartment sofas is the armless design. Removing bulk at either end leaves the view unobstructed and tricks the eye into perceiving more space. A sofa with exposed legs and open space underneath creates a similar illusion. A low-slung sofa also appears to take up less volume than one that sits higher.



Furniture arranging can be tricky in a small room. If your space doesn't easily allow for a small sofa and a couple of chairs, consider a scaled-down sectional instead. Although they're larger than a single couch, small sectionals make perfect sense for a cramped space by offering as much seating as a separate sofa and chairs but in a smaller footprint. A sectional can also maximize a corner when wall space is limited. Stick to a 2- to 4-piece sectional for a small room, and choose a design without arms if you want the flexibility to rearrange or separate the pieces.

When decorating a small space, designers suggest avoiding overstuffed sofas, which appear larger than their actual dimensions, and extra-deep sofas that unnecessarily gobble up floor space. Bold prints can also overpower a small room. The safest bet for a long-term investment is a solid-color sofa with simple, classic lines.

When shopping for a small sofa, dimensions are critical. Measure your space carefully before deciding on furniture, and never leave home without measuring tape -- even a large, overstuffed sofa can seem petite in a giant showroom. Also, never buy a sofa without trying it out first. It's a big investment and a spot where you'll spend plenty of time in the coming years, so be sure the piece you choose is comfortable.

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