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Curtain / Sofa - CUBA Collection

Maximalist design takes a new direction in Cuba, an inspired portfolio of geometrics showcased through a combination of prints and embroideries. All suitable for #upholstery, the collection’s conversational prints are complemented by a subtly textured base cloth for an understated finish. A trio of impactful embroideries create depth and intrigue, heightened in impact by prints channelling characterful Cuban architecture. The revival of 70s interiors has been at the forefront of the inspiration for Cuba’s palette, with fresh pastel tones adding a contemporary twist on the timeless theme.


極簡主義設計在古巴開闢了新的方向,通過印花和刺繡的組合展示了充滿靈感的幾何圖形組合。該系列的所有圖案均適合室內裝飾,其對話印花與紋理細膩的底布相得益彰,打造低調的飾面。 三幅富有影響力的刺繡營造出深度和吸引力,而富有特色的古巴建築風格的印花則增強了影響力。 70 年代室內設計的複興一直是古巴色調的靈感來源,新鮮柔和的色調為永恆的主題增添了現代氣息。


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